Moonray Records

Our partner label from Berlin:

santa - moonray jungle

a splendid collection of goa, elektro rock, dub, reggae, latin, 2step and worldbeat trax, bassed on a jungle vibe by artist santa. compiled and mixed by fe wolter for moonray records.


Moonray Lounge 5 - Compilation by Felix Wolter

The new one is here! Dubhouse in the finest moonray quality. 11 groovy tracks from razoof, salz, ray, fe, chico, beam, aaron bingle, linedriver, pre fade listening & trance vision steppers.


Stand Strong - Reggae

Modern roots reggea classics from TVS D, voiced by Ras Milo UK.


Moonray Lounge 4 - Compilation by Felix Wolter

more downbeats, compilation with 11 tracks, with Chin Chillaz, Mario von Hacht, Moonbootica, Les Deux and many more in continuousmix


Moonray Lounge 3 - Compilation by Felix Wolter

dub & reggaebeats compilation with the true pioneers of the german reggae. 12 tracks with The Vision, Pensi, Toubab, Visionairies and many more


Moonray Lounge 2 - Compilation by Felix Wolter

again classic. the orange deephouse compilation with 10 dubhouse tracks, from Salz, Razoof, Solar Moon System, TVS and many more in continuousmix

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Moonray Lounge 1 - Compilation by Felix Wolter

classic. the chilly blue compilation with 11 chilly downbeat tracks, from Pre Fade Listening, Deja-Move, Pickadelic and many more in continuousmix


deja-tunes 1 - Compilation by Aaron Bingle

the finest in sunny beats, jazzy lightbeats compilation with 12 tracks. You feel the sun, lay back and relax - Deja-Move, Toubab, PFL and Julia Messanger and many more take you with them into their space. Have a good journey ...